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Episode 7 – Player-To-Ref John Floyd

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Brent imagines the ref locker room before a game, has an announcement and revisits the first regular season game as a Freshman (1:00). Brent briefly discusses John’s playing career before getting into how he got into reffing (5:17). During a game a shoe was thrown at a coach (18:25). Working his first Duke game and Coach K (32:47). What kind of shenanigans go on in the officials’ locker room before a game (37:20). Getting on to the rule changes (42:22). A rule change that would have had an impact on Brent’s legacy as a screener (49:44). The coaching box and Keith Dambrot (55:11). Ref gear and somehow jockstraps make another podcast appearance (59:01). Floyd gives us a one and one (1:05:25). Brent closes out the show with his one and one (1:07:37).

Episode 6 – Scheduling and Artie Pepelea

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Brent changes direction on the show format, and gives 5 teams (1:54), JPC TAO winner announced (4:40), one of Brent’s favorite locker room impressions (6:17). Former college basketball coach Artie Pepelea joins Brent to talk strategies and experiences in putting together non conference schedules as a Mid Major (7:35). The best HS gym of all time? (9:15) Patrick Ewing’s 1st year schedule gets some heat (14:23), Non Conference neutral site tourneys (17:44), “Guaranteed Wins” (20:00), Brent’s 1 and 1 to close the episode (26:40).

Episode 5 – Glory Days & Mike Daum

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After introducing the show Brent thinks up a new segment called “1000 Times”(3:58) Brent discusses Creighton, College of Charleston, 90s hoop fashions and a heroic effort with the hero himself TJ Isaacs in a Triple Overtime game (5:51) The final seconds of that game (25:56) Brent chats with SDSU Jackrabbit Forward and former Kimball Longhorn Mike Daum about the locker room, Kimball, Brookings, Sneakers, and Manute Bol (27:21)  the gyms in the former WTC are rated from 1-8 (1:01:23)

Episode 4 – Rainy Days, Mondays, and Dave Horger (Part 2)

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Brent reveals Team 2 of the 5 mid majors that he’s focusing on this year. (2:32) Had to talk about Dave’s baseball game Base Hit (9:00). BGSU vs #5 Michigan State at Anderson Arena in 1990 (11:38). BG women vs Cincinnati NCAA tourney Game (17:38) Talking Dan Dakich (19:28). Dave’s Six Pack Pick (32:58) Bill Fitch, Walt Piatkowski and Ron Zwierlein. (41:40) Brent’s 1 and 1 (44:23).

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Episode 4 – Rainy Days, Mondays, and Dave Horger (Part 1)

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Brent recaps last episode and how he’s already done competing in the first JPC. Jesse Wood rejoins us for his one and one (4:04).  Brent sits with guest Dave Horger, former voice of the BGSU Falcons (6:00).  Dave talks about watching a young Norm Van Lier who wasn’t the best player on his HS team (9:00).  When Dave realized that he wanted to get into radio, and how he got his foot in the door with a Carpenters song (16:26). How he got to BGSU (23:50). Having a color analyst vs going solo and who he had through the years football and basketball (30:31). Recalling a Brandon Pardon play (36:27). On other broadcasters and favorite calls (45:00) Stay tuned for part 2 in a few days where Dave talks BG’s upset of then top 5 Michigan State and Steve Smith in 1990, as well as Dan Dakich stories.

Episode 3 – Competing and Jesse Wood

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Last week’s #sixpackpick winner is revealed. (01:24)  Just People Competing origins (02:38) and calling people to see if they are competing (05:52) The 1st of 5 Mid Major teams that we’ll be focusing on this year is no surprise (07:20) Branches on the Hoop Tree for Len Matela (13:46) Brent talks with Chadron High and Brown University Bear and great friend Jesse Wood (15:11) the Wood Family competing amongst each other (20:14) Hoops in the blood (24:33) His road to College Hoops via prep school, a long train ride and familiar foe (37:20) How he made his decision on Brown and who else was involved in recruiting (52:45) What he realized when getting to campus (59:36) Famous Brownian stories and Chris Berman (1:05) his thoughts on the Ivy League having it’s first tourney last year (1:10:48) time to bring it in (1:20:14)

Episode 2 – Freshman Mistakes

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A new segment is introduced to the show (4:05) Brent apologizes for a rookie podcaster mistake and hears about it from Dan Dakich (6:15) Brent gets Lenny on the phone to hear his 1 and 1 before going into their earlier conversation (8:05) Len joins Brent in the chamber to discuss their memory of their first month at BGSU as freshman (15:05) We start with the weightroom (22:45) Len’s philosophy and running strategy (24:30) Coach Dak tell’s Len he can just pack it up (36:30) Brent’s first and almost last individual workout (37:50) Len’s six pack pick (44:12) Brent’s 1 and 1 (53:29)

Episode 1 – Defining The Middle and J Straps

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Brent gets right to it with a hot take in the first minute of the show (01:09). Brent’s Former Coach Dan Dakich leaves a message of inspiration (06:45).  The first guest of the show stops by as Josh Almanson discusses Mid Majors as a whole (08:38), characteristics of upper echelon MM’s (16:20), the extinction of the newspaper box score (20:46), Teams in High/Mid Major Limbo (23:37), why money is a factor (30:39), the MAC and the NBA draft (39:31), Keith McLeod shout out (41:29), Josh’s MAC/NBA conspiracy theories, Brent introduces the 6 Pack Pick, (51:00), Josh equals Brad (58:23), Josh’s  1 and 1 (1h:01), Brent’s 1 and 1 (1h:09)