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Episode 15 – Detroit Titan Rashad Phillips

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Brent talks about the newest JPC challenge and inroduces his guest Rashad Phillips (00:30). Rashad gives Brent his first basketball memory and talks about his dad helping the youth of Detroit, and the Webber family (04:17). His career in HS at Ferndale High School, how he turned the negatives of his size into a positive, playing in Magic’s Roundball Classic with Kobe Bryant, Rip Hamilton and how he fared (10:27). His recruiting process, almost going to a huge scoring point guard school, talking about Detroit coach Perry Watson and an ultimatum he laid out before he signed (20:00). Playing in the NCAA Tourney, His freshman year vs Kenyon Martin’s Cincinnati team, scorching us at Bowling Green in ’99 (24:52). Which veterans as a freshmen helped lead him in the right direction to get better. Making a run in the NIT and making it to Madison Square Garden (28:10). His last college game and the transition to playing after college, NBA looks, working out in Chicago and meeting Michael Jordan. His show “Sports Talk 2319“, and a familiar team to watch for in your bracket (37:20). Brent brings it in with some Motown singing and his 1 and 1 (45:20).

Episode 14 – Dan Dakich

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Brent kicks of the show with another installment of Branches on the Hoop Tree (02:00),  Coach answers the first question which was if he did anything to get better today, how he ended up getting the job at Bowling Green and who else was in the conversation for the job. (03:54)  Approaching Coach Bobby Knight when he was offered the job,what went through his mind once it sunk in that he got the job as the head coach and his first memory of his arrival at BGSU. (10:00) The most enjoyable part of a tough first year as a head coach and a few stories from that first year. (15:30) Coach talks about the differences in recruiting at Indiana as opposed to a Mid Major like Bowling Green, team camps to evaluate kids, hitting the AAU circuit and a story about him and Jim Boeheim. (21:00) Keeping the scent of a big Mid Major recruit away from bigger schools, a coupe recruits that he thought they had that changed their minds.  (28:44) DD tells Brent what he remembers when he was recruiting him at BGSU and Indiana. (32:31) Some coaching strategy, a difference in how he’d coach today, and Coach ends the show with a 1 and 1 – a prediction and a recommendation. (38:20)

Episode 13 – Keith Mcleod – Part 2

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Keith gets back into more talk about former teammate Kevin Garnett and what made him so great.  (01:35) The Transition of being a shooting guard in college to a NBA point guard, how the BGSU motion offense helped him in the NBA. (08:15) Comparing college practices to pro practices, playing in Utah for Jerry Sloan. (12:37) the energy at Anderson Arena, Dunk It Guy. (20:38) What is was like being traded, talking about taking care of your body in basketball, trends that he wishes were popular when he played in the NBA. (24:46) What old guy Keith tells young guy Keith, Quick Hitters: Who plays Keith in a Keith McLeod Bio Movie? Etc. and his 1 and 1.  (32:06) Brent gives his 1 and 1 which include NBA All Star Saturday predictions. (43:57)

Episode 13 – Keith Mcleod – Part 1

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Brent gives a brief intro on guest BGSU HOF’er and former Timberwolves, Jazz point guard Keith Mcleod (00:30) 20 and 52 combine for 50 vs Buffalo, the days at Canton McKinley High (04:34) How Keith got recruited to Bowling Green, playing in his first game with out stepping on a court with his teammates, (14:19) the evolution of his relationship with Coach Dan Dakich, if there was a time he thought about leaving,  (23:17) performing in the clutch, Miami’s Jube Johnson getting Keith going, guys in the MAC that stood out to Keith, a tip for coaches being quoted in a newspaper (31:51) an old man message to kids, working out for teams before the draft, who was there and what the advantage the other guys in the workouts had over Keith (38:24) how he went about getting an agent, where he was at during the draft and did he watch it (43:38) Getting a contract to do to Italy and how that year benefitted him, the feeling of getting the call from the Minnesota Timberwolves and his first impressions of Kevin Garnett (46:52) Brent ends part 1 with his 1 and 1 and tells you what to expect from part 2 (48:25)

Episode 12 – Trevor Huffman – Part 2

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Brent starts off with a little talk about Part 1 and then does another version of the segment Branches on the Hoop Tree (00:30) Trevor discusses the motivation for his new basketball ventures, his dad’s hoop advice and holidays in the Huffman hoop family (05:30) the Guru and charge taking Jaime Shoes Huffman (10:10) how a sailing trip from Guatemala to Mexico spawned a new idea called Hoopslink (13:19) Trevor gives Brent his 1 recommendation and 1 prediction that involve Point Guards and Pie (21:18) a few more ribs on Len Matela, (26:04) a little talk of the MAC glory days, Buffalo’s Louis Campbell and guarding BGSU’s Keith McLeod (29:24) Brent closes the show with his 1 and 1 (34:38)

Episode 12 – Trevor Huffman – Pt. 1

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Brent does a brief intro of his guest Trevor Huffman and adds a quick prediction by future guest and BGSU legend Keith Mcleod (00:30) Trev talks about growing up in Michigan, the lost Flintsone, HS teammate John Flynn and the Petoskey Home Court advantage (03:40) Work like a carpenter think like a gardener, The Misfits of Kent State Andrew Mitchell, Antonio Gates, Jon Edwards, and Demetric Shaw(10:30) Veteran John Whorton helping Trevor as a freshman  (18:45) a weight coach that could throw a 45 lb plate like a frisbee, conditioning while at Kent St (21:54)  Trev’s experience playing for Coach Gary Waters and the Family atmosphere (25:31) The transition to new coach Stan Heath and the 2002 season (31:03) Being a visiting team in BGSU’s Anderson Arena, Anthony Stacey breaking the scoring record and the production after (40:00) The development of future NBA center John Edwards (45:52)

Episode 11 – Grant Cummings & The Mid Major Experience

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Brent welcomes a Co-Host in today Grant Cummings joins the show to talk hoops and about growing up a Falcon fan and the game day experience as a student. (3:47) GC’s time “Layin down the bottom” in the Athletic Band (13:51) Getting seats in the student section and the effect the students have on the game and top 3 songs to play in the band (18:15). Starting BGSU’s place to meet up and talk Falcons sports online, before social media… The Message Board.  (22:51) Grant turns the tables and starts asking Brent questions, first being how would the 2002 squad he was on fair in today’s game. (32:11) How it feels to not make the NCAA Tournament, and being the bubble team that doesn’t make it. (37:12) Reflecting on the best guys Brent played against (44:33) The two talk about the best player to ever come out of the MAC (48:09) Grant asks Brent his most memorable moment in hoops (50:05) Grant gives a 1 and 1…errrrrr 3 to make 2. (52:43)

Episode 10 – Len Matela

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Brent Talks about what has been happening and gives some words on his guest (00:30) We start off with hoops in the Region in NW Indiana and his career at AHS (9:23), Rehashing Lenny’s recruitment experience (18:09) Butler recruiting the entire AAU team (22:11) meeting coach Bobby Knight for the first time and being recruited by Dan Dakich (24:50) talking about time at Bowling Green, and getting yanked for pulling a 3 (28:09) finding the right fit overseas, what it takes, his first team in Germany, agents, and mvps (35:55) Euros and Coffee, the most famous Belgian and the best team he played on (49:18) Brent closes with a 1 and 1 (1:01:00)

Episode 9 – Brandon Pardon Transferring and State Titles

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Who wins in a 100m Dash (5:19) Growing up in Middlepoint, Lincolnview High Experience, and what he did as a youngster to get better (7:48),  Brandon’s recruiting process (20:43) Best W as a freshman at Wright State (27:52) The game that changed his game for good vs Rashad Phillips of U of Detroit (31:32) The decision to Transfer and what it entailed. (35:45) The transition from WSU to BGSU and differences in the two programs (44:28) Meeting and Playing with teammate Keith McLeod (52:43) BP has a One and One for me (58:50) Brent asks BP some Quick Hitters (1:00:40) Brent Ends the show with his 1 and 1 (1:10:32)

Episode 8 – Starting From Scratch and Coach Marty Richter

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Brent starts off with a few takeaways from the BGSU vs FGCU game. Next Brent gets another motivating voicemail from his old Coach Dan Dakich about not being a JAG. (5:35) Brent introduces and starts chatting with his guest, FSW Head Coach Marty Richter. (6:15) A little talk about growing up in Iowa loving basketball. (9:51) The Burger Steak’s versatility in a BGSU pregame meal. (11:30) What he learned working for Coach Dakich. (13:00) Coaching in the Ukraine. (16:08) Working as an Evaluator/Scout for ESPN & seeing Kyrie Irving for the first time. (21:08) Marty’s time with FGCU and the Dunk City Sweet 16 Run. (26:49) Getting his first Head Coaching gig at a place where he is starting from scratch. (38:43) Marty talks briefly about this years FGCU team. (56:52) Marty subtly interviews Brent for an assistant job asking him about his JR Falcon coaching record. (1:02:40) Brent Brings it in with his 1 and 1. (1:04:15)