Episode 15 – Detroit Titan Rashad Phillips

By March 10, 2018Podcast

Brent talks about the newest JPC challenge and inroduces his guest Rashad Phillips (00:30). Rashad gives Brent his first basketball memory and talks about his dad helping the youth of Detroit, and the Webber family (04:17). His career in HS at Ferndale High School, how he turned the negatives of his size into a positive, playing in Magic’s Roundball Classic with Kobe Bryant, Rip Hamilton and how he fared (10:27). His recruiting process, almost going to a huge scoring point guard school, talking about Detroit coach Perry Watson and an ultimatum he laid out before he signed (20:00). Playing in the NCAA Tourney, His freshman year vs Kenyon Martin’s Cincinnati team, scorching us at Bowling Green in ’99 (24:52). Which veterans as a freshmen helped lead him in the right direction to get better. Making a run in the NIT and making it to Madison Square Garden (28:10). His last college game and the transition to playing after college, NBA looks, working out in Chicago and meeting Michael Jordan. His show “Sports Talk 2319“, and a familiar team to watch for in your bracket (37:20). Brent brings it in with some Motown singing and his 1 and 1 (45:20).

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