Episode 13 – Keith Mcleod – Part 2

By February 15, 2018Podcast

Keith gets back into more talk about former teammate Kevin Garnett and what made him so great.  (01:35) The Transition of being a shooting guard in college to a NBA point guard, how the BGSU motion offense helped him in the NBA. (08:15) Comparing college practices to pro practices, playing in Utah for Jerry Sloan. (12:37) the energy at Anderson Arena, Dunk It Guy. (20:38) What is was like being traded, talking about taking care of your body in basketball, trends that he wishes were popular when he played in the NBA. (24:46) What old guy Keith tells young guy Keith, Quick Hitters: Who plays Keith in a Keith McLeod Bio Movie? Etc. and his 1 and 1.  (32:06) Brent gives his 1 and 1 which include NBA All Star Saturday predictions. (43:57)

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