Episode 13 – Keith Mcleod – Part 1

By February 8, 2018Podcast

Brent gives a brief intro on guest BGSU HOF’er and former Timberwolves, Jazz point guard Keith Mcleod (00:30) 20 and 52 combine for 50 vs Buffalo, the days at Canton McKinley High (04:34) How Keith got recruited to Bowling Green, playing in his first game with out stepping on a court with his teammates, (14:19) the evolution of his relationship with Coach Dan Dakich, if there was a time he thought about leaving,  (23:17) performing in the clutch, Miami’s Jube Johnson getting Keith going, guys in the MAC that stood out to Keith, a tip for coaches being quoted in a newspaper (31:51) an old man message to kids, working out for teams before the draft, who was there and what the advantage the other guys in the workouts had over Keith (38:24) how he went about getting an agent, where he was at during the draft and did he watch it (43:38) Getting a contract to do to Italy and how that year benefitted him, the feeling of getting the call from the Minnesota Timberwolves and his first impressions of Kevin Garnett (46:52) Brent ends part 1 with his 1 and 1 and tells you what to expect from part 2 (48:25)

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