Episode 10 – Len Matela

By January 11, 2018Podcast

Brent Talks about what has been happening and gives some words on his guest (00:30) We start off with hoops in the Region in NW Indiana and his career at AHS (9:23), Rehashing Lenny’s recruitment experience (18:09) Butler recruiting the entire AAU team (22:11) meeting coach Bobby Knight for the first time and being recruited by Dan Dakich (24:50) talking about time at Bowling Green, and getting yanked for pulling a 3 (28:09) finding the right fit overseas, what it takes, his first team in Germany, agents, and mvps (35:55) Euros and Coffee, the most famous Belgian and the best team he played on (49:18) Brent closes with a 1 and 1 (1:01:00)

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