Episode 9 – Brandon Pardon Transferring and State Titles

By December 11, 2017Podcast

Who wins in a 100m Dash (5:19) Growing up in Middlepoint, Lincolnview High Experience, and what he did as a youngster to get better (7:48),  Brandon’s recruiting process (20:43) Best W as a freshman at Wright State (27:52) The game that changed his game for good vs Rashad Phillips of U of Detroit (31:32) The decision to Transfer and what it entailed. (35:45) The transition from WSU to BGSU and differences in the two programs (44:28) Meeting and Playing with teammate Keith McLeod (52:43) BP has a One and One for me (58:50) Brent asks BP some Quick Hitters (1:00:40) Brent Ends the show with his 1 and 1 (1:10:32)

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