Episode 8 – Starting From Scratch and Coach Marty Richter

By November 21, 2017Podcast

Brent starts off with a few takeaways from the BGSU vs FGCU game. Next Brent gets another motivating voicemail from his old Coach Dan Dakich about not being a JAG. (5:35) Brent introduces and starts chatting with his guest, FSW Head Coach Marty Richter. (6:15) A little talk about growing up in Iowa loving basketball. (9:51) The Burger Steak’s versatility in a BGSU pregame meal. (11:30) What he learned working for Coach Dakich. (13:00) Coaching in the Ukraine. (16:08) Working as an Evaluator/Scout for ESPN & seeing Kyrie Irving for the first time. (21:08) Marty’s time with FGCU and the Dunk City Sweet 16 Run. (26:49) Getting his first Head Coaching gig at a place where he is starting from scratch. (38:43) Marty talks briefly about this years FGCU team. (56:52) Marty subtly interviews Brent for an assistant job asking him about his JR Falcon coaching record. (1:02:40) Brent Brings it in with his 1 and 1. (1:04:15)

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